Provincial Perspectives on REDD+

This section discusses the status of the REDD+ working group in Central Sulawesi Province, and also their knowledge level and opinions on REDD+. REDD+ Working Group of Central Sulawesi Province

The REDD+ working group is responsible for developing REDD+ infrastructure and social, economic, and environmental safeguard mechanisms to enable Central Sulawesi to be ‘ready’ for REDD+ implementation. By the end of 2011, sub-working group 1 had formulated the draft of REDD+ local strategy. It is a guideline for REDD+ implementation at the provincial level. Sub-working group 2 is developing the institutional planning and methodology to undertake REL/RL and MRV mechanisms at the provincial level. Sub-working group 3 has developed the criteria and indicators for demonstration activities. Five areas have been nominated, namely, Dampelas region in Donggala district, Tinombo region in

Parigi Moutong district, Lore Lindu National Park in Poso district, Tojo Una-una, and Toli-toli (Forest People Programme 2011). Meanwhile, sub-working group 4 is developing and testing methods of UNREDD FPIC implementation in Central Sulawesi Province. During a seminar and workshop, the REDD+ working group members identified their capacity, capability, competence, and constraints in devel­oping REDD+ infrastructure. Also, they developed a social, economic, and envi­ronmental safeguards mechanism to facilitate Central Sulawesi Province as ‘ready’ for REDD+ implementation.

Updated: October 20, 2015 — 6:25 am