LANDRIN. с. 1710-c. 1785; MASTER 1738


ermain Landrin spent ail his life in the Fau­bourg Saint-Antoine, first in the Grand-Rue and then the rue de Charonne. He did much work for his fellow ebeniste Pierre II Migeon, and was one of his main suppliers. Between 1742 and 1751 he supplied 85,000 livres’ worth of furniture to him, indi­cating a large turnover (if one remembers that during the same period Lazare Duvaux sold his furniture at prices which ranged from 14 livres for a simple oak commode to 450 livres for a sumptuous piece of furni­ture with marquetry). Landrin also worked for Genty as he appears as a creditor of the latter after his bank­ruptcy in 1762. His name also appears in the inventory
taken after J. F. Oeben’s death in 1764 among the creditors, being owed the sum of 677 livres. The ma­jority of stamped pieces by Landrin are close in style to Migeon, and. like his, in kingwood marquetry. Lan­drin became an adjudicator in his guild in 1746 and was elevated to principal in 1772. With the advent of success, he in his turn became a dealer, retailing furni­ture made by his fellow ebenistes, and was then assisted by his son.


F. de Salverte: Les Ebenistes. p. 187


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