Hospes Madrid

Madrid, Spain


Originally an affluent apartment house with wrought-iron balconies designed in 1883 by architect Jose Marfa de Aguilar, the handsome red-brick Hospes Madrid is an icon of Bourbon Restoration period architecture. So the Hospes Design Team needed to take special care that their modern additions were in harmony with the building’s historic elements.

The narrow windows and the floor-to-ceiling curtains naturally bring a classical and noble air. In accordance, the designers adopted some classical style elements to create a space that is classical and modern at the same time. The facilities in the guestrooms make you feel as if you are in a palace, being pampered as a king or a queen.

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1. The different areas in the guestroom are compactly laid out

2. The sofas are particularly designed

3. Natural light is combined with artificial lighting

4. Every piece of the furnishings is carefully chosen

5. The bathroom

6. The living room


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The selection of materials and the volumes produce a feeling of refined sensuality, harmoniously organised around the bed. The furniture is lacquered. Its pure lines are highlighted by the contrast with the concrete floor, natural grey in the bedrooms and blue in the bathrooms. There are no projecting handles; everything opens with a gentle touch of the finger. Each opening is located by a discrete stainless steel thumbprint. The bathroom opens onto the bedroom, separated by a satin curtain. The sink unit opens like a jewel box in front of a large suspended two-sided mirror, lit bathroom side, slightly smoked bedroom side.

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1. The ceiling design is eye-catching

2. The open lavabo

3. The pretty terrace outside of the guestroom

4. The peculiar "bird-nest" lamp on the wall

5. The pretty guestroom terrace

6. The bathroom

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The Hotel Daniel’s ambience stimulates the senses. An air of wellbeing permeates this home from home. The art of traditional hospitality combines seamlessly with the latest modern technology. Flowers, birds and hunting scenes decorate the walls; sea-green has been selected as the hotel’s signature colour.

The hotel has 26 guestrooms, of which 9 are suites. The fabrics lining the bedroom walls were selected with the same care as would have been used to furnish one’s own home, using a palette of rich colours and subtle tones. The owners wish to welcome guests in their hotel as they welcome friends in their own home.


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1. The wall paper, the curtain and the sofas are designed with the same colour palette

2. In the bedroom, the curtians hung from the ceiling bring a classic noble air

3. The curtains and the bedding continue the same pattern as the wall paper

4. The attic is designed interesting

5. Materials with fine patterns are chosen for the washroom

6. The delicate graphic design on the curtains and the wall paper is the Eastern style

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