Determination of planting area of transplanted species

After choosing the species to be transplanted, the project was prepared in order to place the chosen species on the field and the project was drawn on computer (Figure 12). According to this project, in order to determine the exact places of plants, piles on which plant species were written were penetrated one by one on the ground and application work was carried out.

4.3.1 Features of mechanic tree mover

Working style and features of tree removing and planting machine can be summarized as: The machine works with a hydraulic system; hydraulic pump of the system is placed in the vehicle on which the machine is mounted. The machine is composed of 4 strong lifter arms, digging unit, hydraulic system and a trailer system by which the tree will be carried and
some other parts. Digging knife lifting arms are jointed and while it is hold vertically during working, it is hold horizontally during transfers. Digging knife unit is made of 4 knives put around the knife frame. It has an extensible and closable frame. Knives can be pushed downwards and pulled back upwards.

4.3.2 image157Making planting pits of the plants

Determination of planting area of transplanted species Determination of planting area of transplanted species Determination of planting area of transplanted species

Size of the planting pits in which plants will be transplanted depends on the mouth size of mechanic mover. Plant pits have to be opened again with the same device while mechanic tree mover removes and transfers plants (Figure 13). Size of the pit from which plant is removed and into which it will be planted is significant in terms of adaptation to new place, being affected form strong winds and regular root development.


Fig. 12. The project of transplantation tree.

Fig. 13. Picea punges Engelm. planting pit.

In the transplantation made by mechanic tree mover, firstly planting pit is opened and irrigation must be done as a rule; because when tree mover transfers the plant, no time should be wasted and plants should be protected from damage caused by time. This is why each time mechanic tree mover comes to the campus, planting pits were opened and then the plants that would be transplanted were brought.

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