SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis was conducted to determine the tourism planning and management strategies regarding the natural and cultural landscape values (Kelkit et al. 2005; Ozturk Kurtaslan and Demirel, 2011; Kiper et. al. 2011). The data used in the SWOT analysis were obtained through interviews with the mayor, district governor, employees of public institutions and inhabitants, previous studies conducted in the region or in similar areas, the relevant literature and professional experience, field surveys and in site observations.



Wolcm Black Sea Rcni




S. Ko«agi/.


(Amasra District, 2012)


(Orginal, 2010)


Small Harbour


(Orginal, 2010)


Big Harbour



SWOT analysis

Fig. 1. Geographical location and genereal views of Amasra.

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