Living Mirror Frame

Подпись: Succulent plants are easy to look after and demand little attention. This stunning living wreath provides a glamorous frame for a mirror and creates impact wherever it is placed.Подпись:image318"

TOOLS & equipment

compass & pencil electric jigsaw

large piece of particle board round mirror

exterior wood paint & paintbrushes clear marine varnish (optional) greenhouse shading material craft knife staple gun

chopstick, dibber, or pencil

hairpins or florist mossing pins

garden wire & wire cutters

strong outdoor adhesive

nails & sturdy brass picture hook



approximately 50 cuttings or offsets from a range of succulent plants, choosing a mix of shape and color from the following genera: Echeveria Graptopetalum Pachyphytum Sedum

sphagnum moss


Using a compass and pencil and a jigsaw, cut a piece of particle board to the shape of your mirror, allowing a 634in (17cm) border all around. Paint the board, leave to dry, then apply a coat of marine varnish for added protection, if preferred. Once dry, draw around the mirror onto the board to create a guideline, but do not attach it at this stage.


Sedum breuifoli


Sedum dasyphylL


Semperuiuum Dark Cloud

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Semperuiuum Graptft





чЛ—Project Steps



To make the planting tube, carefully cut the shading material using a craft knife to twice the width of your border. Aligning one edge with the guideline, attach the mesh using a staple gun, pleating it to fit the circle.


Fold over the mesh and start to form the planting tube shape. Fill with dampened sphagnum moss and, as you do so, fold over the mesh, tucking under the loose edge, and staple it down to form the tube.



Подпись: Prepare plants ideally a few days before planting to dry the stems and aid rooting. Take the plants out of their pots and remove most of the planting mix; with crowded pots it may be easiest to slice off any root ball beyond the planting depth required.

Care Advice


Подпись: 6 Use a dibber to pierce planting holes, 2in (5cm) apart, through the mesh and into the moss. Plant the frame, making sure the cuttings set flush with the mesh. Once planted, leave the frame somewhere flat for two weeks to allow the plants to root in. Attach the mirror using a strong outdoor adhesive and nail a brass picture hook onto the back of the frame to hang your succulent mirror.


Updated: October 8, 2015 — 11:47 am