Analogously to the MACRO-view, the MICRO-view is established and alienated. In the lens boxes of the catwalk, Fresnel lenses also facilitate the ZOOM into the formations of the PLAIN and allow for discovery of the “form within the form”, in accordance with the phenomenon of self-simi­larity.

On the ground level of the PLAIN, viewpoints with lenses are installed. Magnifying glasses improve the MICRO-view of the different elements such as vegetation, bulk heaps and water formations, and also act as EYE- CATCHERS focussing the view of the observer to a micro-level that is usually not perceptible.

Through the MACRO – and MICRO-views, the ruderal vegetation typi­cal of industrial sites is visualised as an element of design, and an impres­sion of the dynamics of nature is presented.


Fig. 7. Zoom into detail

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