Space for dynamic processes

The prerequisite and, at the same time, goal of designing with dynamic processes is a sensitivity to and a respect for the beauty of that which arises spontaneously (Von-Selbst-Entstanden). A well-informed and care­ful shaping of spaces to allow the self-development of vegetation is re­quired. At the same time, a helping of courage and a playful openness is necessary because in this regard landscape architects put themselves at the helm of evolution. This is a task that must be combined with knowledge and responsibility lest one mutate into a "green Frankenstein."

Landscape architects who design with vegetation find themselves in the role of "protectors of creation" as well as in the role of "creator" itself. The oscillation between the two ends of the spectrum "allowing room for self­regulating processes" and "intervening through design" is characteristic of work with living plants.

Updated: October 15, 2015 — 8:42 am