The phenomenon of change

A further aspect of the PLAIN of the sinking pond is the phenomenon of change. All the elements, the existing water areas supplied by rainwater, as well as the added elements like the bulk heaps and the vegetation, are characterised by change. The vegetation varies in expanse, coverage and shape. More changes become perceptible through vegetation management. In addition, the process of erosion changes the heaps of the coal material.

Levels of perception

The contemplation of the PLAIN is possible from different levels of per­ception: the MACRO-view offers an overview of the complete PLAIN whereas the MICRO-view allows the viewer to ZOOM into details.


In the buildings of the coal-mine plant, the phenomenon of change may be documented, visualised and perceived by the visitor. The design in the buildings’ interiors includes a multimedia presentation of the PLAIN with interactive screens, projections of aerial photographs, and additional pho­tography. The PLAIN is partly reduced to an abstract graphic object wor­thy of contemplation.

The vantage points on the top of the coal-mine buildings, especially the look-out platform at the 90-m-high pit frame IV, and the highest plateau of the mine slagheap facilitate the immediate MACRO-view, the total over­view of the complete PLAIN. Directly over the PLAIN, the 5-m-high cat­walk allows an unmediated perception of the MACRO-view. Furthermore, alienating optical aids (lenses, colour filters, fish-eyes) are provided in “lens boxes”.

Updated: October 18, 2015 — 10:12 am